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Rates For Headshots / Model Comp Cards


Headshots - $300

Includes -

Email & Phone consultation

3 lighting set ups or if your an early bird we shoot natural lighting around an area

You keep every photo (even the funny faces) *Dropbox or Supply a Hardrive  

We shoot until we are both satisfied ( 3 - 4 hours )  

3 touch ups are included  

*** I want to make sure everyone is happy.  If for some reason your manager, agent, or imaginary friend is not satisfied, we will reshoot.  Just remember, a good night sleep, not stressing what you look like and always remember that every magazine photo you look has been photoshopped.  

You are beautiful:)



Celebrity Stylist Mischa Teichgraeber - Vander Pump Rules

Mischa will consult with you and accompany you on a shopping trip / do pulls / help chose from your personal wardrobe.  Mischa will be on set during the shoot helping style the shots.


What to bring... 

A thumb / flash drive or laptop with at least 4gigs on available.  At the end of the shoot you will get all the Jpegs on the spot. As an additional backup, all the photos will be uploaded to the cloud (JPEGS & RAW). Giving you unlimited access to them.  

***Please download these 2 APPS onto your smart phone - Dropbox & Carousel

Bring some snacks incase you get hungry or hangry.  

Clothes -  What ever you can fit in your car.  I also suggest if you are very careful with the labels to pick up some clothes from Zara or H&M. 

*** Payment by credit card has $12.80 processing fee ($512.80)





Have any questions about booking / shoot related question - please fill out the form below.   I really look forward to hearing from you...  


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