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Hello, My name is Elliot Dal-Pra London

Elliot was born in Australia and grew up in Rockford, Illinois. Being an only child, he had a lot of time to use his imagination. Which led him into the direction of film and photography. "We are living in such an exciting time now... A time that everyone can express themselves through media at our fingertips"

Elliot has been living in beautiful Los Angeles for over 8 years (expanding to London & Nashville). During his time in LA. He has learned a lot about the business. "It can be challenging and confusing place for anyone just moving here"

Just in 8 years alone we have changed the way we create things with technology. Elliot strives to understand these changes and attend classes regularly on the new approaches in media.  

Elliot would like to call it luck being able to work with some amazing talent, but he would call it ambition.